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Magno Puzzel Set

Magno Puzzel Set

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This DIY Puzzle Set is a magnetic toy that allows users to easily create a variety of 3D shapes & structures. It consists of sticks and balls that can be connected together using magnets. This toy encourages creativity and problem-solving skills, and is suitable for all ages.

Steel Ball Size: 8mm

Magnetic Stick Size: 4mm*24mm

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Create Endless Unique Designs

The Magno Puzzle encourages you to use your imagination by creating unique shapes and structures.


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What's Included in my order?

Magno Puzzle Set Packing list:

Standard Set:

1 x Case

36 x Magno Sticks

27 x Magno Balls

Medium Set:

1 x Case

72 x Magno Sticks

54 x Magno Balls

Large Set:

1 x Case

108 x Magno Sticks

81 x Magno Balls

How do I use it?

Simply take it out of its case and use your imagination to create your own unique works by yourself or with friends and family.

Can I return it?

We guarantee that if your Magno BallsÔäó arrive damaged, we will give you a full refund. See more details here.

We also provide LIFETIME warranty!

Creates endless possibilites

Create your own unique designs or work as a team to build amazing structures.

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